Top 10 CV Mistakes

As an industry leading retail fashion recruitment agency, Fashion-Recruit are used to seeing thousands of CVs pass through out offices each and every year. Whilst we are dedicated to only selecting from the very best candidates, we are also privy to seeing a wide range of errors and miscomprehensions regarding the process of writing a CV. Now, in this two part guide, we will share with you our CV writing expertise in highlighting the top 10 CV mistakes we are most commonly presented with. Let’s begin by counting down from 10 to 6:

10. Incorrect contact information – It may seem like a simple one, but this is a CV writing mistake which could be the difference between being contacted by a prospective employer or never hearing from them again. If your details are wrong, you certainly can’t expect anyone to be in touch about your dream job.

9. Don’t be too imaginative – Granted, if you are applying for creative jobs, you may wish to stretch the imaginations of your prospective employers. However, for the majority of readers, it is vital that you don’t consider your CV writing process to be an opportunity to demonstrate your creative spark. Of course, we are not advising that your CV fall in line with the rest of the world. But, if you are applying for a store managers position, it is probably best not to present your CV as if it were a menu from the local restaurant (we have seen it done, and it didn’t impress).

8. Ill considered formatting – When formatting a CV, keep things consistent. It may seem like a nice idea to use a variety of colours, fonts and headings, but this is one of the most commonly seen CV writing mistakes we come across. So, it should go without saying, when it comes to formatting, keep things simple.

7. Complicated Structure – Your CV is as much about the manner in which it is presented as it is about the content you choose to include within. We have seen thousands of CVs at Fashion-Recruit and come across all kinds of presentation formats. However, nothing is more off-putting than a CV which appears to have no planned structure, is packed with lengthy paragraphs and is simply a pain to read. When writing a CV, consider the fact that there is someone on the other end that will want to read it and read it quickly. CV formatting is about bringing clarity to the points you want highlighting and a clear structure will do just that.

6. Is your CV too long? – It is easy to fall into the trap of believing that it is a mistake to leave any content off of your CV. However, as we will note, CVs are usually a jumping off point for recruitment agents and employers to locate a set of key skills via keywords and highlighted job achievements. Simply put, if it isn’t relevant to the job or career you are applying for, it shouldn’t be in your CV. Keep it succinct and to the point. If in doubt, consider two pages to be the limit.

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