How to write a CV: Top 10 Tips for writing a CV

Knowing how to write a CV that will impress any potential future employer is vital to your ability to land a job in retail and begin a long and prosperous career in fashion. As one of the country’s leading fashion recruitment agencies, Fashion-Recruit understand the difference between writing a great CV and the top CV writing mistakes so many candidates can fall into. In this two part guide, I would like to take the opportunity to share our CV writing expertise with you and ensure that you are top of the list of candidates for your next retail job application.

10 – Be honest – Everyone lies on their CV, isn’t that what they say? The truth is that we are all open to embellishment and it can be difficult to avoid hyperbole when selling our abilities and talents. However, it is important that when writing a curriculum vitae, you are honest about your abilities and what you can offer to any prospective employer. Eventually, you will have to come face to face with an interviewer and ideally, you will end up obtaining the job. Don’t let this CV writing mistake be the reason you feel overwhelmed in your future career.

9 – Referees – This may seem like an obvious top CV writing tip. It may however surprise you that many people believe that referees are rarely sought for their advice. Even if this were the case, a referee demonstrates your confidence and belief that the information provided on your CV is true and that there are others who are willing to substantiate this information on your behalf. Refraining from offering to provide references could be the biggest CV writing mistake you make. You don’t need full contact details, just be sure to inform any potential employer that they are instantly available upon request.

8 – Avoid CV writing errors – Proof read and proof read again! No matter the job vacancy, simple mistakes on a CV can take away from the achievements contained within it. Be sure to spell check every word, make sure no typos have slipped through the gaps and safeguard your employment future by asking a friend to read over everything you have written. Our experienced recruitment agents understand just how much the little things matter and this is one top CV writing tip you simply can’t underestimate.

7 – Results – There is no point using every adjective under the sun to sell yourself unless you have the facts to back it up. Writing a great CV is as much about the proof as it is the pudding. If you increased profits, let your CV speak of the value of that increase. If you implemented a new range to a retail brand, let your CV speak of the success of the range. Results are essentially what make you employable. Don’t be afraid to scream yours from the rooftops.

6 – Keep your CV up to date – There is no more consistently made CV writing mistake than failing to keep your provided information relevant. Whether this means ensuring that you aren’t still detailing the earliest steps of your lengthy career or whether it means ensuring that you have included your very latest work based achievements, an up-to-date CV will allow you to sell the person you are today, to the company who may want to employ you the next.


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