How to write a CV: Top 10 Tips for writing a CV

We have already detailed some great advice for making your CV work for you. Now, let’s continue the countdown with our top 5 tips for writing a great CV:

5 – Be personable – You may think that knowing how to write a good CV is all about qualifications and experience. But, you can never underestimate the fact that a person will be viewing the content you include. Simple information such as your hobbies and interests could be the difference between your CV appealing to your potential future employer or getting lost in the pile. You should keep this section short and to the point, but this is one surprising CV writing tip which may get you an interview you would otherwise have missed out on.

4 – Sell yourself with your words – Whether writing a CV which will go straight to a prospective employer or one which you will send to the best recruitment agencies available, you will find that the majority of its readers will be looking for significant terminology and keywords. Particular phrases can demonstrate achievement and point instantly towards your value as an employee. So, whether ‘implementing’, ‘increasing’, ‘spearheading’ or ‘liaising’, let your words speak for everything you can provide as the very best job candidate available.

3 – Present an organised CV structure – CV structure may seem like a minor quibble. But, a neatly structured CV makes for easier reading and demonstrates you as an individual who cares about the manner in which they present themselves to others.

2 – Highlight your achievements – Successful CV writing is all about selling yourself as a potential employer. Obviously, the more you can demonstrate your worth, the more likely it is that you will gain an interview for the job you desire. Our retail recruitment agents always look for individuals who demonstrate an ability to continually achieve throughout their career. When a prospective employer checks out your CV, they will be looking for the exact same thing in order to feel comfortable that you will bring this kind of success to their organisation.

1 – Know who you are speaking to – When writing a CV, it is important to understand the person you are speaking to. This means understanding their needs in finding the ideal applicant for the job vacancy. If you are seeking a career in fashion or a retail job, it is likely that you have a particular role in mind. As such, your CV should highlight the skills you posses which relate directly to the job you are applying for.

So, these are our top 10 tips for writing a CV. At Fashion-Recruit, we browse through thousands of CVs every year and, with tips such as these, we have ensured that everyone of our candidates is ideally positioned to take the next step in their career and now you can to. Good Luck!


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