Top 10 CV Mistakes

Welcome back to Fashion-Recruit’s guide to the top 10 CV Mistakes we most commonly come across as a retail recruitment agency. Let’s continue our countdown, as we look at the top 5 errors of writing your CV:

5. Negativity – A CV is about selling your skills. Despite this, we have come across many individuals who make the mistake of pointing towards reasons for leaving their job, having gaps in their career or failing to achieve desired qualifications. We have a simple phrase which works when writing and formatting a CV: hide the negatives and accentuate the positives!

4. Lack of attention to keywords – Placing keywords throughout is a vital component of a well written CV. Whether marketing your skills to a specific job or to a recruitment agency, the majority of readers will be scanning for particular phrases which demonstrate your personality, experience and achievements. This common CV writing error is based upon the misapprehension that your CV will be read thoroughly with great consideration over the full level of content you provide. The reality is that your CV should be capable of immediately highlighting whether you are an appropriate candidate for the job. Furthermore, technological advances mean that your CV sits in a large digital database and, without relevant keywords for recruiters and employers to search for, your skills may remain hidden from their gaze.

3. Unfocussed content – We always advice our retail candidates to speak to the job they are applying for. If you are looking to obtain a career in fashion, then your CV should tell at story of the skills, personality and experience you will be able to bring to that particular job within that particular industry. It is said that prospective employers simply glance at a CV for a few seconds. So, writing a resume requires you to highlight the skills they will be scanning for. Use keywords, embolden relevant job titles and skills and ensure that your key relevant accomplishments are instantly clear.

2. Failure to detail accomplishments – We all have duties in our job and it is important when writing a CV that you are able to bring attention to the responsibilities placed upon you in your previous employment. Sadly, many people do this without ever giving any real attention to what they were able to achieve as part of these duties. This is one of the leading CV writing mistakes we see commonly at Fashion-Recruit. Prospective employers want to know that you can deliver results. If you were asked to rearrange the displays in your assistant store manager job, speak of how the range went on to sell; if you were charged with leading a team of staff, point towards the achievements they made as part of your motivation and leadership techniques. Don’t let this simple CV writing error be the reason you miss out on that next dream job.

1. Grammatical/ Spelling Errors – No matter how many CVs we see from our retail candidates, we are always amazed at the number of individuals who still seem to make the number 1 CV writing mistake: failing to properly proof read. Whether leaving an awkwardly phrased sentence, an innocent typo or a completely erroneous piece of information, proof reading is vital to ensuring that you write a great CV. Errors on a CV highlight a lack of dedication towards beginning a career and worse still, they can be easily rectified thanks to word processor spell checks and the assistance of a friend or relative. This is our number 1 CV writing faux pas – there really is no reason your CV shouldn’t be grammatically perfect from start to finish.


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